Cobb Professional Fire Fighters IAFF L-2563

Cobb Professional Fire Fighters IAFF L-2563

Most people ask why join the union?  

The answer is simple, without your participation there would be no one to lobby for good firefighter legislation.  Without your membership, there would be no funding to study new safety devices that could save your life someday.

Joining the local lets you be a member of the most progressive firefighter organization in the United States.  As a member, you can take an active role in the local.  The local lets you develop your skills and talents while promoting our profession.

With membership, you can access the vast resources of the IAFF or ask questions about personnel issues or other problems.  Your union officials know how much about the department and can offer an unbiased opinion that does not reflect a managerial position on the issues concerning your employment, benefits, or pay.  Make a statement about your profession of "always on the frontline."

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Discounted Rates for Public Safety Employees

Membership Benefits

Learn what other departments are implementing, what works and what does not work.

Your union can provide an opinion to your work situation or adverse action

Your union can be your voice to management

Learn more about national and state legislation that affects your profession

Access to information that deals with your profession

Discounted Auto/Home Owners Insurance Liberty Mutual

(a member can save several hundred dollars per year based on conditions)

Click on the link below for more information  


Home Mortgage/Refinance Programs

 Liberty Mutual



Insurance Discounts

The IAFF and Liberty Mutual have partnered together to give union members special pricing for home and auto insurance. Clint Owens is the contact person for our Local.  Call (770)974-0272 ext.56891 or email for a quote.

Supplemental Insurance Programs

Scholarships Loans for College

Discounted Life Insurance Policies

The IAFF Financial Corporation (IAFF-FC) is always introducing new programs help with your financial and health needs.  They have introduced a new program to help protect you and your family.  They have seen a surge of interest in the new Workplace Assault, ID Protection and Pension Protection insurance.  To find out plan design and cost information when considering these and a host of other needs visit the following page Insurance Division  for more information.

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