Cobb Professional Fire Fighters IAFF L-2563

Cobb Professional Fire Fighters IAFF L-2563

Letter sent to Chief Crider on March 14, 2017

Chief Crider,

I have had a lot going on since our last conversation. After talking with many within our local several questions have come up.

Members are looking for the following information if you could assist me in finding out;

*Equipment out of service due to staffing (Numbers per shift Sept-Nov. 2016)

*Equipment out of service training (Same as above)

*Specialty pay for medics (working ALS assignments)

*Specialty pay for med Ops assigned Intermediate EMT's

*Engineers promotion of ONLY 5% pay increase after June 04 of 2017.This is especially of concern to younger Firefighters as it will compress pay even more than at current levels

There are many other topics that have come up as we heard many at the F.O.P. forum with our Commission Chairman and Commissioner Ott . President Steve Gaynor of the FOP stated that he had requested that the Fire Dept. administration put it out to our members and have some staff show up to help with the compensation study but was told by our leadership within the department that we were good !!!. That type of attitude could explain some of our morale issues within the Fire Dept. It was only last minute that our local connected with the FOP and the county leadership to work out some perceived inequities within the study for members of the Fire Dept. I will say that our county leadership seemed disappointed as a large number within the Police command were there to address what they saw as inequities within the Police pay scale and the leadership of the Fire Dept. had not even put it out to their membership as requested by the FOP.

Some of the specialty pay questions have been rumored to be in the works for a year or more but as they have not been addressed in writing it would seem that we are "kicking the can down the road" in an effort to perform damage control and to please the troops. I only know so well that Firefighters will expect results in the end and I would like to give my membership promising news during these times.   As you know many of our Firefighters are beginning to ask who is looking out for their interests, as it does give promise to the Patrol officer on the street that their Chief of Police has been there every step of the way trying to keep his personnel informed.

In closing, I would like to keep with our commitment to work together on issues that affect the Firefighters and the Department as a whole and to address these questions as they arise, with that being said, I look forward to your response and to work with you in the future.

Thank you respectfully, John

John E. Brady

President I.A.F.F. local 2563

Cobb Professional Firefighters


Meeting Update with Chairman Mike Boyce, Commissioner Ott, Tony Hagler and the FOP Representatives

There were a lot of great questions asked and answered.  We listed some of them below.   If you would like more information.  There is a message tab you can click on to the left, Pay Compensation Mtg Forum to ask any questions, concerns, etc.  Please use this as a way to let us know your concerns, questions, thoughts.  We will be meeting with the leaders and the FOP representatives on a regular basis to get our concerns and questions addressed.

1. Question/Concern from Steve Wagner, Cobb County Fire

Steve: My concern is with the Archer Group and who they actually compared the FD to.  I would like it to be apples to apples.  Only 2 other depts are ISO rated 1 which we just recently accomplished.  I don;t know if any of them were AAA bond rated.  But just my simple going through their websites and their hiring practices.  It looks like they picked out our starting salary as recruit pay.  Because there are 3 of them on this handout (see attachment below) starting at more money than I'm making after I've been here for 10 years.  I think they looked at recruit pay instead of starting pay. Several of these have Kelly days which are free days off which equates to about a month off per year.  Everyone of these have a 20 and out and of course we have the rule of 80.  I would like to see us look at high risk retirement for Public Safety.  That way if you reach a certain age, you can go out without any penalties.  Because right now if you do not reach your rule of 80.  You are leaving with just 47% of what you would normally take.  I would just like to see if we could get together or at least find out what Archer used as a comparison for police and fire.

Response from Chairman Boyce 

That's why we are having this discussion, this is just the start.  It's not perfect and what i expect is this kind of input.  So that when your team comes to talk to Mr. Hagler, Mr. Hankerson, and Commissioner Weatherford.  You have these examples so that you can argue this in your favor.  I fully expect a information discussion on this and your invited to the table.  

2. John Brady, President was asked to state how many staff the FD is down.

John stated, it is typical for the fire department to have equipment out of service on a daily basis and when we go to training being as it  is done on duty, etc.

3. John Brady, President asked what could be done about shift differential pay for the FD?

Response from Commissioner Ott

Commissioner Ott Put down bullet points of issues to bring before leaders of what we want to see done and solutions.  Commissioner Ott wants to see Public Safety go to step and grade.