Cobb Professional Fire Fighters IAFF L-2563

Cobb Professional Fire Fighters IAFF L-2563

May 19, 2017

Dear Brothers – 
Just a note to let you know about the 2017 conference held in Atlanta this year for The Professional Firefighters of Georgia that I attended yesterday.
After registering our local, I along with two other local leaders was put on the elections committee before elections were held.
The following are the results from the election: 
Mike Dodd - President
Robert (Bob) Milie - Vice President
Alex Hofstadler - Secretary
Mark Borell - Treasurer
Donna Dingler - Trustee
Ryan Osborne - Trustee
Nate Leota - Trustee.
A brief report from the state was followed by a report from all locals present. Afterwards, an afternoon planning session with a workshop for the projected goals of the state and its affiliates took place in the afternoon.
State Rep. Micah Gravely came and spoke at the meeting and expressed the importance of political contacts, something we as a local know very well.  Also, Senator John Albers, Co-Sponsor of HB146 and Rep. Micah Gravely was present and they were awarded a proclamation from the PFFG for their hard fought success on the cancer legislation.
We will keep you updated of upcoming meetings and information we are working on.  I just wanted to let you know that Local 2563 is out there working on your behalf.

Update from Robert Milie in reference to the continued funding for our Homeland Security Grant~

Thanks for all you do for our locals, Bob!!

Proud to report that so far both US Senators from Georgia Isackson and Perdue as well as four Congressmen from Georgia have supported continued funding for our Homeland Security Grant, repealing a tax on our Healthcare for employer provided plans and supporting union protections for Federal Fire Fighters. Not a bad office for the morning, one more meeting today.

I was in on a group text from President,  Bob Milie of Local 574,(Savannah) and Trustee for the Professional Fire Fighters of Ga ( PFFG), stating that tomorrow he and possibly Mike Dodd, Vice President of  PFFG will be meeting our Congressional District Rep. David Scott in reference to the following issues:

* Trying to preserve SAFER Funding
* Social Security rights for members
* Cadillac tax on employer provided healthcare
* Fighting a national right to work standard (such as it is here in Ga)

They are meeting to represent all members of the PFFG , that means us in our local.

We will keep you up to date with any information from this meeting.

John E. Brady
President IAFF Local 2563
Cobb  Professional Firefighters